First Christian Church 

No creed but Christ 
No book but the Bible
No law but Love
About Us
At First Christian Church, we believe in the authority of the Bible in determining how we are called to live our lives. We believe that the Church exists to equip those who have made Christ the Lord of their lives in a growing, active faith. The Church also exists to invite everyone to confess that Jesus is Lord and follow Him. Through a variety of worship services, bible studies, fellowship events and regular mission focus, our goal is that all would come and that all would grow.
Our worship is informal. We gather at the Lord’s Table in each worship service. We receive tithes and offerings in each worship service. We place strong emphasis on prayer with specific points of focus in each of our services.
We invite you to join us in discovering the many ways that God can change us and change others through us.
God bless you.
Dr. Ken Haskins 
      Hello! My name is Ken Haskins and I am currently serving in my thirty ninth year of ministry with First Christian Church of Carson City. First Christian Church is a loving, Christ-centered, Bible church. My wife, Cathy, and I have found F.C.C. to be an extended family for us and for many others. We love every member and would love for you to meet our church family. The welcome mat is out at First Christian! I hope to see you soon. --Ken

      Dr. Ken Haskins and his wife, Cathy, have lived in Carson City, Nevada since August 1, 1980 when Ken was called to pastor First Christian Church of Carson City. Ken and Cathy have two daughters, Monica and Veronica, and five grandchildren.
   Dr. Ken has three earned advanced degrees and has served as a Bible College President and professor. Ken has made seven missionary trips to Russia to preach, plant churches and distribute Bibles. He has organized two tours of the Holy Land, but mostly he loves to minister to his church family and the Carson City community. He is a passionate preacher of the gospel.
Head Pastor